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NCDA follows a constituency model to better represent and serve the diverse needs of our members. These groupings are designed to help you in your networking, to facilitate greater connection with colleagues who may share similar interests and work settings, and to enhance communication between the membership and the NCDA Board.

In this section of the website, you will have the opportunity to hear from the trustee for the constituency group that most closely represents your work setting or interest affiliation. Similarly, when attending the NCDA Global Conference, you can meet with fellow participants in your constituency groups. This section may post results of these conference gatherings or additional resources your trustee wishes to share.


The categories of links listed here serve as a connection to a select few valuable resources. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, and will grow/change in the future. Contact your Constituency Trustee for more information and watch your emails from this group.


  Carla CheathamCarla B. Cheatham
  Trustee, School Career Counselors and Specialists (SCCS)

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Announcing the new 2024 National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG)!

The previous framework has been updated and a new section of the NCDA website has been created. It offers the framework in a more accessible, visible and interactive format.

The NCDG is a framework of career development competencies and indicators of mastery, including a recommended strategy for implementing career development programs for youth or adults.

This dynamic website welcomes your contribution – visit the website to learn how: Go to and click on Standards and then National Career Development Guidelines.

If you were not able to be at the San Diego conference, maybe you can attend the Virtual Conference, July 22-Oct 31, 2024 – registration is open until October 1st – view session #413 at your convenience to learn about the new web section: The Interconnection of Guidelines and School Career Development: Building a Web Resource for the Future - Presented by Carla Cheatham, NCDA Board Trustee for School Career Counselors & Specialists (SCCS); Celeste Hall, former NCDA Board Trustee for SCCS; Melanie Reinersman, NCDA Website & Web Magazine Editor.

If you are an SCDA instructor, be sure to encourage your students to use and contribute to the NCDG website.



NCDA provides a variety of resources for those in the K-12 area of career development. Here are links to a few:

The K-12 department of the Career Convergence web magazine serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and practices that will best serve the career counseling and development needs of school-age children. This includes cutting edge ideas in the field, implementing goals practically, and informing the audience why they are particularly beneficial. Published articles reflect the best practices of career practitioners and educators who are training them. Read articles on topics such as career development and family relationships, career assessment tools that provide improved understanding of career intervention, theories related to career counseling in the schools, and activities developed for students in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Gaining Cultural Competence in Career Counseling - Chapter 8 of this NCDA publication focuses on working with children and adolescents.  Also, be sure to look at NCDA's resources on Social Justice.

Invite students to celebrate careers through the annual Poetry & Art Contest. Opening every November, National Career Development Month, the contest follows a set theme to introduce students to creative means of learning about career development.

Looking for Career Help? Practitioners provide a variety of career development services. Based on their levels of education, training, years of experience, and professional credentials, they may be Career Counselors or Career Services Providers (Coaches, Advisors, Consultants). Search the database to find career help near you.


Click on any title below to view the linked website, PDF or video resource from a variety of career-related sources.