The easiest way to become a member of NCDA (or renew membership) is to use our online Application Form below. Once you have read all about being a member (e.g., benefits and membership categories) you can quickly complete the form.

Annual Membership Fee:

  • $95 for Regular Membership
  • $40 for New Professional or First Timer (must be in the first year of employment after graduation or joining for the first time)
  • $40 for Student (must be enrolled in a undergraduate or graduate program)
  • $60 for NCDA Retired (must have held regular or professional membership for a minimum of 10 years before becoming eligible and retired from the field)

NCDA New Membership Form

NCDA Membership Renewal Form

NCDA W-9 Form

Click here for the print version of the Membership Application Form.

Please allow three days for processing the forms. New member welcome emails are sent within 10 working days and include a receipt for your payment (credit cards accepted, as well as personal checks). If you have any questions, email Natalie Scrimsher, Membership Director, at NCDA offices are closed on Fridays and holidays.

Organizational Membership 

NCDA offers an Organizational Membership option for groups of members from an institution, company, career center, or other entity wishing for consolidated billing. Organizational membership will have tiered pricing based on the number of members joining and will receive the same membership benefits as the other NCDA members.

Up to 3 Members -- $285.00 Annually
Up to 5 Members -- $475.00 Annually
Up to 10 Members -- $900.00 Annually
Up to 15 Members -- $1,275.00 Annually
Up to 20 Members -- $1,700.00 Annually
If more than 20 members are needed, contact NCDA at

Click here for the print version of the new Organizational Membership form  OR Click here to apply online for organizational membership. No payment will be required; a detailed invoice will be sent to you for payment.

View of list of Organizational members here.

We hope you enjoy your NCDA membership!

 Sujata And Marty


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