Paying the Maintenance Fee for Your Credential

Upon reaching your anniversary date of holding an NCDA Credential, you will receive an email or postcard reminding you to renew your credential. 

Here is what you need to know to maintain your credential:

  1. Each credential is subject to an annual maintenance fee of $40 per year, or you have the option to pay $50 for two-years.  
  2. Failure to pay the maintenance fee within 60 days will result in “inactive status.” A reinstatement will require the maintenance fee owed and a $35 late fee. During the “inactive status” you are denied permission to use the credential logo on your website, marketing materials or social media.
  3. As part of your maintenance billing, you will notice you have the option to obtain an exclusive web listing of your services on the NCDA website. This is an excellent way to market your services to those who visit looking for career help. The web listing is $50 annually or $125 for three years.*
  4. Be sure to pursue continuing education as required by your credential. See the Continuing Education webpage, specifically the Continuing Education Manual, for more details.

Click here to Pay the Maintenance Fee now


*If you have paid for a web listing within the last 6 months, please don't pay again. Just pay your credentialing maintenance fee.  We will be lining up your web listing with your credentialing maintenance date and not your membership date.  If you have questions, e-mail