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Career Help from NCDA Credentialed Members

NCDA members provide a variety of career development services. Based on their levels of education, years of experience, and types of credentials/training, they may be Career Counselors or Specialists. All the names listed here are NCDA credential holders and have pass the vigorous process of achieving a credential. Depending on your unique needs, you may choose to contact one of these credentialed members, based on their education, experience, and/or their location.

NCDA credentialed members are independent practitioners and their prices for services vary. Please contact members and view their websites for details.

To learn about the credentials our members hold, view the NCDA Credentialing website at www.ncdacredentialing.org

Keep in mind that Search Results may not be 100% accurate, due to the Google search function. We apologize for errors and/or inconvenience. Remember to search far and wide, as many counselors are able to work regardless of geographic location.